Liebster Award!

Wow what an  honor to  be nominated for the Liebster Award! This award is pretty awesome because its nominated and awarded to and by fellow “Newbie Bloggers” who have few followers (200 or less) And its great because it showcases blogs who haven’t hit it big yet!

This is how it works: create a blog post answering the 10 questions, nominating 10 bloggers, and then let those chosen, know of their nomination.

Here are the QUESTIONS from my nominator, BeautyBySararahMarie


1.What is your Holy Grail Product?

My Holy grail Product would be my Mascara! because my lashes are the favorite part of my face and i love to express them with some amazing mascara! Plus I take it everywhere!

2.What product do you buy least often?

Eye Shadow, Im not a big eyeshadow person! I rock the cat eye look with some awesome mascara and some light lipstick or gloss:) 

3.Do you have a morning skin care regime?

I do not have a morning skin regime at the moment, I’m looking into them, and open to options!

4.What is your favorite high end brand?

MAC! I have had several of the Mascaras and lip gloss! such a great brand!

5.Which brand do you want to try most, but haven’t yet?

ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS!! i have heard so much about there products especially the Dip Brow Pomade! great stuff! 

6.Do you have a favorite subscription service?

Elle Magazine! I love there Fashion tips! they have a lot to offer, i think thats my go to guide for planning an outfit most of the time! and plus its such a good read!

7.Which brand’s limited edition releases do you get most excited for?

Right now i am a huge Anastasia BH fan! idk if they have any Limited edition releases yet which I’m sure they do i just haven’t checked into it yet! 

8.Do you wear makeup to the gym?

NO! i don’t like sweat on my beautifully done face, so i may do my eyebrows and some lip balm, 

9.What is the best compliment you’ve gotten on your makeup?

My lashes! i have always had long eyelashes and have been asked if they are falsies most of the time!  but they are definitely real!

10.Have you ever been asked to do someones makeup for them?

Not yet, i am working up the nerve to post some of my own makeup pictures, but right now I’m more focused on the other Makeup artist that i feature!!!


Here are my questions for my Nominees

1. How do you create an easy Smokey Eye?

2.How Often do you shop for Makeup?

3.What article of Clothing do you love wearing the most?

4.Should you wash your hair everyday?

5.What Skin products do you use in the morning?

6.whats you’re morning beauty routine?

7.Every Woman should own the following beauty product..

8. When was the last time you cut you hair?

9. Favorite Clothing brand and why?

10.Which hair color would you prefer… Brunet, Blonde or Red Head?


My Nominees

Makeup/Stylist Competition

Who do you want to see next month as your featured artist or stylist? We told you it’s all about YOU! Go to my IG page and like the picture of the artist that you would like to see more of next month! We have Angela Alamaguer, Chelsey Larson, and Daniel Guerrero! The artist/stylist with the most likes wins!! Tomorrow we will be adding AJ Lomas and Elicia Pacheco!! Go vote now!!!

Introducing Rock Star Doll Jewelry By Kitsy Lane

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Here are some of the Collections we have here at Rock Star Doll at Kitsy Lane

KL Collections:

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Kaylyn Necklace $30: What’s not to love about the sweet Kaylyn necklace? With just the right amount of sparkle, and the added interest of a silver bow, this retro- inspired number is sure to get compliments. Pair with simple CZ studs to bring out Kaylyn’s shine. 



Rosa Necklace $28:Elegant and shimmering, Rosa manages a look that is both delicate and substantive. Rosa’s blushing tones will be complemented by additional gold pieces. For added sparkle, the vintage inspired Rosa features clear CZ’s alongside its pink stones. Pair this show-stopper with simple studs. 


Ashley Earring $24s: Ashley is a vision in vibrant pastels. Formed of mint toned beads, Ashley’s teardrop shape gives way to a fan of teardrop cut stones in aqua and coral. You’ll be in bloom adorned in Ashley’s vibrant color palette.


House of KL Collection

Kalista Ring $28: Both modern and retro, the Calista ring is like nothing else in your repertoire. This must-have statement maker is a bold and sparkling geometric beauty. Rows of clear CZ’s frame Calista’s black diamond encrusted bow tie-like centerpiece. Calista’s design spans the width of two fingers for stunning effect.



Caroline Ring $28: Hot coral is a trend that shows no signs of fading, and it’s in full glory in the Coraline stretch fit ring. Vibrant light topaz and siam CZ’s form the petals of ‘s vivid floral design. You won’t be missed wearing this splendid piece and it would look great on you this summer!

House of KL Headbands: Run for $20 to $22: These Easy to use headbands are reto looking and vibrant, from animal print to poke dots! You can never go wrong with one of these cute headbands!



Now that we have officially introduced you to Rock Star Doll by Kitsy Lane we hope we have attracted your interest in wanting to shop with us and make your outfits sparkle and more vibrant! you can visit my site at http://www.rockstardoll.kitsylane,com and we will be sure not to disappoint! take a look at our other jewelry and items we have to offer! we also have promos every month for your delight! right now our Promo for the month is the 30% of rings ! check out the site for more details!!! thank you so much for your time and i hope you come in and shop with us at Rock Star Dolls by Kitsy Lane!

xoxo Melissa, Your BBlogger 

Best and Worst dressed at the MTV Movie Awards

Many of us tuned in to watch the infamous MTV movie awards on April 13. And like everyone else’s we love to see what the Celebes are going to be wearing on the red carpet! So I picked a couple of best dressed for men and woman as well as the Worst dressed for both Men and woman, Now this is my opinion, its not apart of any fashion week review, but just YourBeautyStars review:)

Best Dressed Female: Jessica Alba! Stunning Jess is wearing a Kenzo skirt, Piece D’anarchive top, Jimmy Choo shoes, a Narciso Rodriguez clutch, earrings by Graziela Gems, Rona Pfeiffer, and Dana Rebecca Designs, and rings by Rona Pfeiffer, Melissa Kaye Jewelry, and Derek Lam/Jamie Wolf. I absolutely love this look because its sassy and sweet! which definitely describes Jessica! what a cute ensemble Props to jess for the cute outfit chosen to showcase! ❤

Best Dressed Male: Jared Leto! Oh the Front man of 30 Seconds to mars Heart throb is wearing his stunning glittery jacket and some what looks like vans.. stole the show with his awesome esamble of an outfit! not to mention the awesome Hawaiian shirt underneath! looks like someone was returning to Coachella after the awards:)



Worst Dressed Female: Rihanna Wearing Ulyna  Sergeenko, Rihanna has won her self the worst dressed! only Rihanna would wear a robe to the awards show, maybe next year she will wear some PJs or maybe so boxer shorts with a tank! Please Rihanna lets see that for next year:)  

Worst Dressed Male: Orlando Bloom Now i Absolutely love Mr Bloom! But i do not particular care about his outfit! it seriously looks like he’s apart of the Steam punching crew! (now i don’t have anything against steam punk) but i just am not feeling the long jacket. i think thats what ruined it for me. Underneath look pretty stylish, but the jacket is what kills it for me, maybe next year Orlando!                                           



And there you have it! my Best and worst Male and female of this years Movie Awards! here are a few more Celebes that almost made the cut! until next year! 

xoxo Melissa, Your BBlogger


We wanna know what y’all think!? Who would you like to see next! Comment below and put the name of the artist/stylist you would like to see! And watch for April 30th when we announce the May Featured artist! @makeupbysweetexasgirl @makeupbyangelaalma @famousstars0 @lomasaj @noelelicia